1. Why should I buy a Forebet Camera?


2. How many types of Cameras does ForBest have?

ForBest has developed several lines of cameras for different application: Pipe Inspection Cameras; Robot Crawler Inspection Cameras; Mechanic & Handheld Cameras; Duct Inspection Cameras; Pole Inspection Cameras and Well & Chimney Inspection Cameras.

3. Which Pipe Inspection Camera should I buy?

We sell a wide variety of Pipe Inspection Cameras, accessories and parts from Portable to Mid-Range and Long-Range Inspection Camera for inspection the pipe from 1"to 36". Fiberglass Push cable length varies from 65FT/100FT/130FT to 200FT/300FT/400FT. We have mini camera head 1/4" & 1/2"; 7/8" plastic or stainless camera head w/ or w/o built in 512HZ Sonde transmitter and 1-1/2" self leveling color camera head w/or w/o built in 512HZ Sonde transmitter.

You can call us at 650-757-4786 (US) or 905-604-6226(Canada) and tell us your situation. We’ll help you pick out the right model for your needs and budget.

4. Can I use ForBest Pipe Inspection Camera under the water?

Yes. All ForBest camera head is waterproof, but they cannot be used under more than 15FT water.

5. Can I use ForBest Pipe Inspection Camera in oil and gas pipe?

NO. ForBest Pipe Inspection Camera CANNOT be used in explosive environment like oil and gas pipe and especially CANNOT be used to inspect tank or pipe with explosive material. ForBest will not take any responsibility in the consequences of misusing Forbest camera.

6.  How many types of recording on ForBest Camera?

Now ForBest Camera has USB and SD Card Recording.

7. What if I lost the CD for the KM player software? 

Please go to the www.kmplayer.en.softonic.com/download and download the KMPlayer software for free.

8. Can I view the recorded videos by ForBest camera on Apple device without a third party software?

Yes. You can download FormatFactory for free from the link http://www.fileparade.com/listing/123551/Format%20Factory?gclid=CPKnhJOZobsCFSISMwodQGwAyQ and transform the recorded videos by Forbest camera to MP4 that can be displayed on Apple device without a third party software.

9. What if the battery pack is out of power on the jobsite?

You can contact ForBest at 877-369-1199(US) or 905-604-6226(Canada) and ask to purchase a car charger, which is 30FT long and can empower the power from the car.

10. What if I need to write some words on the recorded videos?

You can contact ForBest at 877-369-1199(US) or 905-604-6226(Canada)and ask to purchase a  video Overlay Text Writer, which works with all ForBest color control station.

11. What is transmitter housing used for?

Transmitter housing is used for storing the 512HZ Sonde Transmitter and adapting it to 300FT/400FT Cable & Reel with the regular camera head. You can view the pictures while locating the signals at the same time.

12.  How are ForBest Cameras powered?

You can use the rechargeable battery pack or the wall adapter to empower the camera. The Li-ion battery pack can last about 4 hours after fully recharged.

13. Is ODM/OEM available in ForBest?

Yes. Please contact ForBest at 650-757-4786 or 905-604-6226(Canada) or send an email to forbestusa@gmail.com for details of specifications and quote.

14. Are ForBest parts and accessories available if I need any?

Yes. Please contact ForBest at 650-757-4786 (US); 905-604-6226 (Canada) or send an email to forbestusa@gmail.com for details of specifications and quote.


We suggest you do the check with the wall adapter if there are any problems!

No picture/Blue Screen/Fluctuating pictures

Step 1: Please use the wall adapter to have a try and make sure all the connection is good.

Step 2: Please check if the 4 pins on the cable connector are aligned or if one of the pins are stuck inside.

Step 3: For 200FT/300FT/400FT Cable & Reel, we recommend you to use the test cable to check. Please click how to use the test cable for check.

Step 4: Press the VIDEO button below the LCD screen and see if there are pictures on Video 1 and Video 2

No Recording

Step1. Please stay on Video 2. (Recording could not be made on Video 1)

Step2. Try different USB stick or SD card

Battery Not Charging

Please charge the battery while turning off the button on the battery pack

Remote control Not working

Please change the battery for the remote control or please operate the remote control while keeping the remote control close to the lights indicators on front panel.

Broken Spring Kit for 3388;3288 & 3488 series

Please follow the instructions to repair.

We have repair centers across the US and Canada. Please contact your sellers or ForBest at 650-757-4786(US) or 905-604-6226 (Canada)if you have any problems directly before shipping out the return.